Dock on Lake Erie- For sale or rent

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Date Posted : 2011-05-16
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I have a dock @ Anchor Pointe Marina that is for sale. Anchor Pointe is a GREAT place to have your boat for the summer! You own your dock and the marina! Your own water front property on Lake Erie! Where else can you own your piece of Paradise on Lake Erie for a fraction of the cost elsewhere? Where else can you find great neighbors and boaters that look out for one another week in and week out? Everyone gets along family! You can pull your vehicle up to your dock and unload right there! Bring your dogs, they are always welcome at Anchor Pointe Marina. There is a special dog run that Sparky can run and enjoy his duties after breakfast. There are plastic bags for you to scoop up Sparkys breakfast and dispose of in clean and neat boxes. The marina boasts one of Lake Erie's hidden treasures, THE BITTER END!! A great restaurant/bar that is out of this world! Pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, chicken chunks and even french fries!! A must visit on your initial visit to Anchor Pointe Marina. The owner is a pleasure to deal with and is always willing to give you a little extra! Anchor Pointe Marina also has a gas dock! Gas prices are comparable to other gas stations on the lake. They have a friendly staff that are always willing to help pump your tanks or offer a helping hand tying you up! Anchor Pointe Marina also features a great swimming pool with access to just Anchor Pointe Marina owners and guests only! A beautiful manicured swimming pool just for Anchor Pointe Marina dock owners. You have your own key that is security coded so that duplication is non existent! Imagine laying in your beautiful lounge chair surrounded just by your fellow boaters/family and their guests! No outsiders allowed, just you and your close Anchor Pointe Marina boating community friends! Anchor Pointe Marina also offers mens and women's shower facilities! They are well maintained and clean! They also are exclusive to Anchor Pointe Marina owners and their guests! There are transient docks available at the office for those that invite boating guests from other boating communities! A reasonable fee is required. We have an experienced and dedicated yard crew that will meet your every expectation when it comes to service, loyalty and respect. They maintain our boat lifts and equipment. Anchor Pointe Marina has 2 KLEECO boat travel lifts, 35 and 50 ton. They also feature a hydraulic trailer and boat lift! The Anchor Pointe Marina yard crew takes special pride in their work and enjoy working for you the owner to satisfy your needs. They expertly launch your boat in the springtime with hassle free service, willing to do what it takes to make your launch enjoyable. In the fall they repeat the same great service. Always there to offer expert advice with a big smile! They have suggestions for your winter preparation that will make your boat happy when put away for the winter whether it be inside heated or cold storage or just outside storage. The yard crew is always there for you and your boat. You may not always see the crew around due to their workload. It is a tough job to keep up a fabulous marina of this size and magnitude. You can tell by the condition of the buildings, grounds and lawn care. You then will realize what an asset the yard crew is to Anchor Pointe Marina! The yard crew at Anchor Pointe Marina is second to none. They get the job done! Just walk into the office and the fine staff there will be willing to radio the yard crew for fast reliable service. As you are in the office, please note the intelligent staff, always willing to go over and beyond to help out whenever they can. They have over 30 years of experience and know the marina inside and out! Have a question? Just ask the staff. They are always willing to assist you and offer a helping hand! These people are experienced and know their position well. I call it a position not a job for the office staff, because it is not a job for them, it's their passion! Anchor Pointe Marina has one of the best service facilities on Lake Erie! Again, another amenity to Anchor Pointe Marina that is 2nd to none in the boating community. They care about your mechanical needs and their goal is to get you in and out of the service department as soon as possible because they know that you want to go boating and don't want to wait all summer for your boat! Qualified mechanics with the skills it takes to keep your boat happy and you out on the lake! They have an inventory of parts that is available or they can order parts and have them the next day! Anchor Pointe Marina is a small boating community of about 375 dock owners that take pride in their marina. Just take a drive out down Route 2 to Teachout Road ( Mr G's Ice Cream ) and turn north. Drive about 2 miles to stop sign. Take a right then quick left onto Anchor Pointe Road. Follow that road all the way back until you come to a nicely landscaped boulevard with security gate. Proceed through the gate up the hill, slowly, 15mph and it is enforced! Then take the self tour of this great marina. Take special interest to the beautiful large decks on 'G' bank as they appear to be floating on the water. Also take a look at all the beautiful decks that have been built over the years that add serenity and calmness to your summer lifestyle! Note that how everyone is like one big happy family! Picture yourself in this GREAT marina making new friends and maybe be reacquainted with old ones! There is no other marina on Lake Erie ( That I know of ) that you actually are owner of your dock and the marina. You will have a GREAT board of directors that votes and speaks on your behalf and has YOUR best interest at heart! They strive every meeting to put their best foot forward and to make financially sound and important decisions that affect every owner and make them proud to be an owner! I truly hate to leave this GREAT boating community on Lake Erie but other endeavors have drawn me elsewhere! I will be saddened to surrender my place of tranquility and relaxation amongst the greatest people in the boating world. Somehow, someway, I will strive to relinquish my stake in this fine marina, but I will never forget the GREATEST times I've ever had on being a part of the GREAT boating community!! Send me an email and I will be happy to give you a personalized tour of this GOLDEN GEM on the GREAT LAKE ERIE !!!

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