Elna Plana Supermatic w/ Accessories excellent Condition

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Date Posted : 2011-05-01
Category : Arts Crafts

I have had this Elna for awhile and just have to many sewing machines and just don't use it as much as it could be used. When I received this machine I disassembled thoroughly and cleaned every part.

I have just replaced the friction pulley so it runs great (sounds much better to) and should last with no problems another 50 years!

Comes with the Necchi table and Necchi foot peddle as well. The table has a lift assist (the sewing machine raises automatically when you open the table) and a knee lever which is awesome! The table does have some scratches on the sides and top but overall is good condition.

The original manual, Elna oil bottle, buttonhole attachment, and original Elna accessory box that includes 10 original bobbins, Elna screwdriver, 8 extra feet, 1 package original Elna double needles, and 16 cams..

Feel free to try it out and see if it is what you are looking for. This machine is easy to use and a true classic will last forever if taken care of (I think) it has lasted this long and is great shape!

There are a few scratches on the bed of the machine from normal use.

I also have many more photos if you would like to see more.

Thanks for looking!

BEST POINTS of an Elna Supermatic-

There are 111 DIFFERENT INCREDIBLE STITCH DISCS or cams (there may be more) that fit ALL Elna sewing machines that use cams! What a GREAT IDEA! You could upgrade your machine to do more stitches, any time a new design came out, just by purchasing the new cams! These range from beautiful embroidery stitches of all kinds, to fabulous stretch stitches, to use when sewing on stretch fabrics!
STRETCH STITCHES so you can sew on both stretch fabric & woven fabrics! You can do a minor amount of sewing on very light garment style leather if you use leather needles, but if you use ANY household machine for heavier leather, you will put the machine out of timing eventually, and wear it out very quickly. Yes, this is a fantastic household sewing machine, but this is NOT an industrial, or semi industrial sewing machine. Anyone saying it is an "industrial strength" sewing machine is trying to get you to pay too much for a household sewing machine that will wear out very quickly if used as an industrial sewing machine, 24/7, but as a household machine, it should go around 40 to 50 years between needing the friction pulley replaced.
DROP IN BOBBIN- easy to clean & maintain, if old oil builds up & slows it down, a drop of kerosene (as instructed in the manual) helps dissolve the sticky oil buildup so you can clean it out, lightly oil it & sew speedily on!
KNEE BAR control instead of a pedal that runs away!
LONG LASTING FRICTION PULLEY instead of quickly worn out rubber belts! Most older Elna sewing machines do not use a sewing machine belt to transfer the power from the motor to the sewing machine drive shaft, like the older Singer sewing machines & the majority of older non electronic, non computerized sewing machines. Instead, the Swiss engineers at Elna decided to use a friction pulley instead! The friction pulley is metal, except for the thick layer of hard rubber that literally uses friction between the rubber friction pulley, to move the drive shaft of the sewing machines. The benefit to this arrangement, is that instead of having to constantly replace stretched out sewing machine belts, most of the friction pulleys last 50 years or more! If your older Elna sewing machine is noisy, or when you apply the power, the needle won't move up and down all of the time, your friction pulley needs replaced. Most people assume the sewing machine is broken so terribly, that it should be thrown away at this point, thinking it would cost too much money to repair.

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