Antique 1904 Koenig Bros Stations Of The Cross Oak Scroll Box

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Date Posted : 2011-02-15
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This unique vintage scroll box features all 14 Stations of the Cross, each rendered in beautiful full color lithography. They advance by carefully turning the wooden knobs on each side of the box. It is dated 1904 at the very end of the scroll at the bottom of the 14th Station where it also identifies the manufacturer as "Koenig Brothers.?

The cross and stand are crafted in oak. The statuary appears to be ceramic or cast plaster of some kind with a flat painted gold finish. It is fully operational and in excellent condition, considering its age. It is in very good working order too, but should be handled and turned with care because of the primitive style of scroll knobs.

As you can see in the photo below, there are a couple of small out of the paint on the glass plate, but it is barely noticeable. There are a few tiny dots of white paint, about the size of a pin head on the wood, probably because the unit was once on display in a room that was painted. I didn even try to remove them, but it probably would not be difficult to do so.

This box was part of grandma estate and in our family for many generations. In the decade since grandma passed we stored it carefully, but we are moving soon and decided that we won have room for it. We hope this Stations of the Cross Scroll Box will be won by someone who will appreciate its religious significance as well as it artistic value.

SIZE: 25 1/8" H x 10 1/4" L x 3 3/8" W

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