Late 19th Century Henry Likly Wardrobe Steamer Trunk - Cheap!

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Date Posted : 2010-09-26
Category : Antiques

Remember the last black and white film you saw...the one with the grainy film, everyone traveling in horse-drawn carriages or on ships and all the people wearing clothing that covered everything except their face? I don't either...I think I fell asleep after the first American/ British accent I was lulled to sleep with. BUT...I do remember those awesome Wardrobe Steamer Trunks they hauled around! I always used to imagine having one of those...full of treasure. Well...since we were graced with modern luggage, the Steamer Trunk has become a household "show piece" for the right taste in decorating and this Steamer Trunk is perfect for that.

This Henry Likly trunk in good condition structurally. The outside is gorgeous! The inside needs some cosmetic work, but so did King Tut carsophagus when they first found that. This trunk is large with lots of room inside. It's designed to stand on end for packing or open use. One half of the trunk is filled with drawers while the other half has clothes hangers. Many of this type of trunk are restored and then used in bedrooms of small apartments as a combination chest of drawers and closet. This piece was most likely made in the late 1800's and is in its original state (not restored). The upper part of the left half opens up to allow better access to the hangers. The two chrome rods in the same area telescope out to give the hangers more room when the trunk is open (and one of them is missing, so if restoring, would want to replace). The piece has all original hardware but the top part of the lock is missing as well as the key. (I'm guessing someone THOUGHT there was treasure in it at one point and busted it open.) The overall dimensions are approximately 42" x 22.5" x 21.5". Come and get it!

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