Pork Pie Acrylic Drums - Coke Bottle Green

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Date Posted : 2010-04-22

This is my second time listing this kit, now at a reduced price. For what I'm doing these days, they're a bit large in size. They're barely two years old and signed personally by the boss hog himself, Bill Detamore. The color is "Coke bottle green" and it's flat-out sleek as hell. It's a sharp-yet-subtle color and I've included my Pig Lite amber 7x13 for size and color contrast. If you're interested in that as well, we can talk.

Sizes are as follows:

10x12 rack
16x16 floor tom
16x18 floor tom
20x22 kick

These sizes were chosen for a boost in low range and stage volume, but have been recorded several times over the last couple years as well and always get a raised eyebrow. These are sharp, tough, mean drums.

Very few scratches, heads are in acceptable condition, sparkle hoops on the kick are quite the twinkly addition.

Also included:
Floor tom legs for both floor toms
RIMS mount, arm bracket for cymbal stand for rack tom
DW 5000 Single Chain Kick Pedal
and probably the hardest to piece together was the collection of hard cases, each drum has its own, and they are all about as rugged as you can find. Humes & Berg, Stag, etc. The 18" has wheels, which is pretty sweet. Various offensive road stickers can be removed.

Everything is in great shape and never, ever abused in the slightest. But if you wanted to, they could take it.

This is a pretty reasonable price for a kit you'll never find in the wild. Help me clean house.

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