Large Hummingbird Feeders

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Date Posted : 2010-03-05

Feeding a large number of Hummingbirds requires a lot of dedication. It can be difficult and time consuming to keep the feeders full and clean at all times.
If you are having to refill your feeder every day, or even every other day, you should consider a larger feeder.
Jaw-rite feeders hold a full gallon of nectar and allow easy access to all three parts for cleaning.
Please call Brad @ 512-699-3872 . To see video of feeder .

A Jaw-Rite Bird Feeder
? will hold a full gallon of nectar (128 oz )
? is a very practical Hummingbird feeder when feeding large numbers of birds.
? is easy to fill-------Place four cups of sugar in the one gallon reservoir, fill with water, and mix.
? is easy to clean----Comes apart easily making all parts "hand" accessible.

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